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Injini Picks 12 EdTech Startups for Cohort II of Mastercard Foundation Edtech Fellowship in South Africa

Injini Picks 12 EdTech Startups for Cohort II

In 2023, Injini, Africa's leading Edtech startup accelerator, embarked on a groundbreaking partnership with the Mastercard Foundation, aiming to propel the growth of 36 EdTech startups over three years. Cohort I of the program involved 12 startups in 2023. Following a rigorous application and interview process in 2024, the stage was set for the unveiling of Cohort II during a public announcement event on Thursday, 11th April 2024. Here are the innovative solutions brought forth by the twelve startups selected for this prestigious program.

Revolutionizing Education, One Startup at a Time

  1. Book Village: Book Village emerges as an online tutoring platform tailored for reading enthusiasts. Through its innovative approach, it pairs foundation phase learners with volunteer tutors worldwide, providing personalized one-on-one support to enhance reading skills at individualized paces.
  2. E-Cubed: E-Cubed stands out with its digital, chat-based platform designed to foster entrepreneurial learning and connections. Tailored for teachers, learners, parents, and officials, it offers mobile-first access to a suite of innovative services aimed at nurturing entrepreneurial mindsets.
  3. EcoLabs Africa: EcoLabs Africa addresses the digital divide in township and rural schools by optimizing ICT infrastructure. Through repurposing obsolete computer equipment, they establish computer labs (Ecolabs) to facilitate access to emerging technologies and learning programs.
  4. Fintr: Fintr leverages gamification to impart financial literacy to children. By intertwining superhero narratives with practical financial exercises and competitive reward systems, Fintr makes financial education engaging and cultivates positive financial habits from a young age.
  5. Global Teachers Institute (GTI): GTI collaborates with schools, governments, and higher education institutions to provide aspiring teachers with work-integrated learning placements. This comprehensive support system empowers teachers to evolve into reflective, empathetic, and socially responsible educators.
  6. Grow ECD: Grow ECD introduces an ECD Management App, streamlining operations for ECD owners and teachers. Offering a plethora of tools and resources, this platform facilitates the professional management of both business and classroom aspects, free for all ECD owners in South Africa.
  7. Mindjoy: Mindjoy revolutionizes classroom learning with its innovative operating system. Equipping educators with tools to transform lessons into practical tech projects, Mindjoy encourages student curiosity and supports STEM teachers in adopting innovative teaching approaches.
  8. Finding Thabo, by the Reach Trust: Finding Thabo presents an interactive play-based game designed to stimulate key areas of the brain and lay the foundations for lifelong learning.
  9. RoboSTEAM: RoboSTEAM specializes in teaching coding and robotics to primary school learners. Through comprehensive teacher training programs, they empower educators to seamlessly integrate these skills into any classroom setting.
  10. SOCO_ED: SOCO_ED offers a versatile EdTech solution suitable for various industries. From content creation to remote learning features, their platform caters to the needs of FET-Phase learners in South Africa.
  11. Ubuntu Education: Ubuntu Education's online HUB empowers African teachers with resources, networks, and growth opportunities. By providing free access to courses and webinars, they aim to advance teachers' careers and revolutionize recruitment in Sub-Saharan Africa.
  12. Vambo AI: Vambo AI empowers learners and educators with multilingual capabilities integrated into the curriculum. By facilitating the creation of culturally relevant content across languages, Vambo AI fosters inclusive and effective learning environments.

Driving Success Through Program Benefits

The selected startups in Cohort II stand to benefit from a plethora of support mechanisms provided by Injini and its partners:

  • Dedicated support from specialists in education innovation, fundraising, impact measurement, commerce, and more.
  • Pedagogical evaluation and certification by EdTech Impact and Education Alliance Finland.
  • Customized market research support from Injini's team of education innovation researchers.
  • Collaboration with experts across diverse fields to tackle specific needs and enhance long-term business success.
  • Networking opportunities with key ecosystem contributors and industry experts.
  • Access to courses and office hours from the Human-Computer Interaction Institute faculty members at Carnegie Mellon University.
  • The opportunity to contribute to the growing body of evidence documenting effective EdTech solutions in Africa.
  • Equity-free venture funding exceeding R1,000,000.

Injini's commitment to driving educational innovation in Africa through strategic partnerships and targeted support programs underscores its pivotal role in shaping the future of education on the continent. As Cohort II embarks on its journey, the stage is set for transformative change in the educational landscape of Africa.